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Shipping Confirmation Demo

Ever want to be able to get a signature for a document displayed in a PDF in real time? Want to do it without using expensive third party hardware and software?
With a BASIS (revision 11.00 or higher, minimum one enterprise edition user) and Unform (version 7.0 or higher) license, you can!
The demo below uses the following technology:

  • BASIS BBj Browser User Interface (BUI)
  • Unform
  • Image Magick (free 3rd party utility - downloadable online)
  • Unform Windows Support Server (free companion program downloadable from SDSI's website)

Download the user guide, or download the step by step instructions on how this demo was created.

Contact Jeremy by e-mail at or by phone at 905-470-4033 ext. 5405 for more information.

This application was created using a native BBJ program and is displayed through an internet browser to your screen using the BASIS Browser User Interface (BUI) and Unform.

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